North Dakota's largest gardening event!

The Dakota Garden Expo is growing!

Last year we shattered all attendance records for a gardening event in North Dakota. Over 4,800 gardeners attended the Expo!

This year we are planning for more. Mark your calendars for Friday, April 11 (3:00 - 8:00 PM) and Saturday, April 12 (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM). The event will be held at the Bismarck Civic Center.

Admission for adults is only $2; or $1 with with a non-perishable food item donation. Youth are free.

The largest group of vendors of gardening products ever assembled in the state will be there to exhibit their goods.

There will be fun activities for kids, too!

The finest educators from NDSU and the region will be there to provide seminars on a wide array of topics:

  1. Containers Beyond the Ordinary
  2. Raised Beds and Container Gardening
  3. New Elm Cultivars
  4. Maples: The Hunt for Red October
  5. Barkophiles: Why We Love Bark!
  6. Planting and Pruning Backyard Trees
  7. Tree Stumps I Have Known and Loved
  8. Cool Berries for a Cold Climate
  9. Grape Growing for Novices
  10. Growing a Great Lawn
  11. Success with Succulents and Sedums
  12. Growing Lilies in the Dakotas
  13. Perennial Combinations for Season Long Color
  14. Ornamental Grasses
  15. Exciting New Annuals and Perennials
  16. Improving Your Garden Soil (two sessions)
  17. Ornamental Grasses for North Dakota
  18. Gardening with Kids
  19. A.F. Yeager: Developing Vegetable Varieties for ND
  20. Gourmet Vegetable Varieties
  21. Tips, Tricks and Troubles with Taters
  22. Five Steps to a Great Garden
  23. Preparing for Battle Against Diseases
  24. What Can I Do If My Plant Is Sick?
  25. BBQ Boot Camp (two sessions)

Download our 4-page brochure that lists vendors and provides descriptions of the seminars. A handy, 1-page schedule is also available.

If you would like to be an exhibitor at the Expo, please contact Townsquare Media.

See you at the Expo!


For more information, contact Tom Kalb, Department of Plant Sciences, North Dakota State University.
Updated 9 April 2014